I have always wanted to have a fulfilling career that would allow me to create an impact in someone’s life. Fortunately, I found my passion through connecting with people and helping them manage their finances.

I value creating real and authentic relationships with people as this how I truly get to understand their goals and dreams in life. From here, I ensure that I create a financial plan that would protect them from unexpected life events, and a plan that would help them save and grow their money for the long-term. It is a very humbling experience to grow with my clients and to be able to help them achieve their goals in life. Outside of work, I enjoy going to yoga and spin classes. Fun fact—I don’t know how to ride a bike so going to a spin class is the closest real biking experience I get :P. I also enjoy the occasional indulgence of Netflix shows like Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Mindhunter.

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