My father was an insurance advisor who protected families from the burden of financial loss caused by the death or illness of a loved one. It wasn’t until the day he fell ill where I saw the true value of insurance. Because of him and in memory of his dedication, I follow in his footsteps in helping plan for others.

As an associate at Prometheus, I work with professionals and corporations in the areas of income protection and asset accumulation through insurance planning. When planning for clients, I commit to understanding their financial objectives and concerns, and advise on strategies tailored for their unique circumstances. By working with a team of professionals I have access to resources on legal, tax, investing, and lending to assist with the overall financial plan. Through consultation, I also assist in structuring agreements for buy/sell, key person, shareholder, and partnerships. I care about finding the most practical and effective solutions for my client’s individual and corporate needs. When not at the office, I enjoy spending my time trying new restaurants, watching movies, entertaining family and friends, and working out at the gym. I also have a Pomeranian named Behr who loves to eat broccoli and cabbage.

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