My father was an insurance advisor who protected families from the burden of financial loss caused by the death or illness of a loved one. It was not until the day he fell ill where I saw the true value of insurance. Because of him and in memory of his dedication, I follow in his footsteps everyday in helping plan for others.

As an associate at Prometheus, I have a passion to help others. I believe that everyone should have the education to handle their finances regardless of if they are just starting out or have been working for some time. Many of the clients I work with are healthcare workers and healthcare professionals; clients who want to pay less tax, grow their investments, and protect their incomes. When working with someone new, I commit to understanding where they are financially today and where they want to be tomorrow. By providing them knowledge and tools, and guiding them through achievable objectives, we can help reach their financial goals quicker and build a stronger financial future. When not at the office, I enjoy spending my time going for hikes, adventuring outdoors, spending time with family, and working out at the gym. I also have a Pomeranian named Behr who loves to eat broccoli and cabbage.

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