Fire thoughts - Stock market: Gambling or investing?

February 8, 2021
Fire thoughts - Stock market: Gambling or investing?

Gambling versus Investing

The morning of January 8 th , 2021 marked a historical day in the stock market. For many of us, it

will be ingrained in our memories as “David versus Goliath” on Wall Street. A group of retail

investors formed a popular alliance on the Reddit forum Wallstreetbets (WSB) with the aim of

taking down the mighty Wall Street hedge fund managers. The showdown took place on the

stock exchange, with most of the initial action centered around a company named Game Stop


Game Stop is a video game retailer with an aging business model and hedge funds were

massively shorting the stock — wagering that the retail chain was headed for bankruptcy. If the

hedge fund bets paid off, they stood to earn a fortune. However, Reddit users suddenly entered

the fray and went to war against the hedge funds.

The retail investors formed a group to throw their hard-earned money into GME in a bid to

inflate the stock price as high as possible — to the moon! — hoping the hedge fund companies

would lose a ton of money by having to unwind their short. Some traders even bet on GME by

digging into their emergency funds, taking out loans and risking their family’s hard-earned

retirement funds.

This created a frenzy in the stock market and as the news poured out, more and more retail

investors joined the alliance and inflated the price to as high as $481.99 per share. It was a

“short squeeze” of truly epic proportions. Those early speculators who got into GME and then

jumped out again made a killing — unfortunately, many of the late players to the game wound

up losing a big chunk of change in what ended up being an extremely risky proposition.

After the dust finally settled after two weeks of stock market frenzy, no one could have

predicted that ordinary posters on a public message board would have helped create such an

upheaval. However, there is one thing that all investment experts can agree on: This was not

“investing” in any way, shape, or form. It was gambling, pure and simple. For those that made a

profit on GME and other highly shorted stocks, congratulations, your bets paid off!

Sadly, for many others, their ill-advised speculation ended only in misery, and a hard lesson has

been learned. Investing – whether it’s in stocks, investment funds, ETFs, or anything else –

should only be done in a strategic matter. All investors need to understand their personal risk

tolerance, time horizon, and objective. And people should only ever invest within their financial

means and capabilities.

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