Featured Fire Client of the month: Vivian Man!

November 1, 2021
Featured Fire Client of the month: Vivian Man!

This month, we'd like to introduce you to Vivian Man, who is the founder of the Chinese herbal wellness company, Kyth + Kyn. Kyth + Kyn has brought a modern take on teas and soups that have been used for millennia. From her own deep rooted traditions in Chinese culture, Vivian brings a refreshing (literally) and delicious way for us to enjoy the same health benefits!

Tell us a bit about yourself

Vivian Man, Founder of kyth + kyn, a Chinese herbal wellness company. We strive to preserve Chinese culture and provide careful crafted and curated products that are culturally rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We focus on educating and normalizing this practice so that we can introduce these great health benefits to both old and new customers.

Tell us a few personal interests and hobbies

I love staying active both in and outdoors! I also am busy with 2 dogs whom I love (Huckleberry and Willow) and I enjoy watching the NBA. I play basketball myself and am an lover of sunny places like California!

When and why did you choose this industry over others?

The concept of kyth + kyn started in Nov 2017 over a phone conversation with my mom. She had recently moved back to Hong Kong with my dad and we stay in touch by FaceTiming or speaking on the phone. On this particular day I was craving the homemade Chinese soups that she would make my sister and I weekly. I thought about how much I had took for granted these delicious healing broths. She would always tell us about what she puts in these soups and what they're good for but I had very little interest in what she would say because, well, she was going to make the soup for us regardless. But since she's left for Hong Kong, for the first time, I wish I had listened to everything she had tried to teach us.

I told her I was craving the soups and asked her what I should put into them.

"Just add these herbs, put it in water and add some veg and meat"

...uhhh...ok mom that's really not too clear. That's when I decided I really wanted to learn about Chinese herbs, Chinese herbal soups and all the amazing properties she had always told me about. I discovered that a lot of Chinese millennials also felt the same way I do. Sooo...lightbulb moment happened and I realized I could take my learnings and share it with the world. That's when kyth + kyn was born.

As a business owner, how do you keep your team motivated?

It's important to find the right people who believe in and are interested in my brand and the vision behind it. I am a hands off leader who encourages my team to take ownership and see the company as their own.

What's the most fulfilling part of the job? 

When a customer connects with us about how helpful or great our products are, or when they resonate with the brand, that's when I know all the struggles of having a small business are worth it.


Who should be reaching out to you?

If you're interested in how to include Chinese herbs in your life, or you're a business owner looking for new products to include on your shelves, I encourage you to check out my website (kythandkyn.com)

We encourage you to connect with Viv to find out more about Kyth+kyn, and take a look at some of the tea and soup blends she has created. Simple, healthy, and nutritious, so take a look!

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