Fire client of the month: Hayson!

July 2, 2021
Fire client of the month: Hayson!

Hello again friends. This month, we'd like to introduce you to Hayson, who is an accountant at Truspect accounting. He's a very experienced accountant with expert knowledge on small and medium sized businesses. According to Hayson, "accounting is the language of business", and we think there is no better translator then our friend Hayson. See for yourself what he has to say in the interview, and you can even watch him speak to you in the video!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Hayson Chan, CPA

What are some personal interests and hobbies"

I love traveling and taking photos. I could be watching documentaries and reading books all day and I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping as well

When and why did you choose this industry over others?

A lot of people think accounting is boring, but I see that as a language and toolkit for businesses. Once we see the story behind the business, we could be the key team player of your business.

How do you view your relationship with your clients?

I don’t see clients just as client, instead, we are part of the same team and to achieve the same goals, we have to work together. Some of our clients become friends and will invite us over for dinner. We are building a community which we can all do business and have some fun together.

What's the most fulfilling part of the job? 

Results! Taxes saving is a big one and also if the client has listen to our advises and their business prosper

How does an accountant and a financial planner working together help the client?

Working together! Many accountants are very conservative and they always say no to other services providers. It doesn’t matter which industry you are working, it is important to be open minded and learn as much before you jump to the conclusion. A good financial advisor can add a lot of value in terms of financial planning and that is part of your job. It’s just like when people need to see a dentist, you don’t go to the physio. So, I always tell people that I have save you some taxes, now, make sure your money is working as hard as you, go talk to a financial advisor

Who should be reaching out to you?

We focus on small & medium size business owners. We can serve people who wants to start a business and don’t know how, all the way up to pre-IPO planning and we got amazing team members who are happy to help.

My phone (604)618-8280; email:

See Hayson talking right to you in the video!

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