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At Prometheus Private Advisory Group, we combine insurance and financial planning in Vancouver for individuals and their families. We use insurance as an investment vehicle to do everything from making sure you slay those retirement goals to keeping more of your hard-earned money away from the taxman.

Ultimately, it comes down to one question:
What’s important to you?

One size fits all pretty much only works when it comes to mittens. That’s why we take the time to dive deep, ask the right questions and figure out your unique priorities.

That’s right. Our Vancouver insurance advisory firm helps clients keep their hard-earned money away from the taxman and, instead, use it to achieve their financial and estate planning goals.

And, we make it fun.

We know, you’re probably rolling your eyes but that’s just because you haven’t met our team yet. We’re laidback and approachable. While we take your financial health seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Maybe taking care of a brood of little ones is at the top
of your list or perhaps you’re focused on planning for retirement and growing your assets.

Here are some of the things we might ask:

How much of your income goes to the government?
Let’s lower that.

We all pay taxes in a variety of ways, shapes, and forms. The obvious one is the tax on your income; it’s hard not to notice the chunk of your earnings deducted from every paystub or the tax bill you pay on behalf of your business. On top of that, there are the taxes you pay on everything you buy: GST, PST, transportation tax, alcohol tax and the list goes on.

Do you know how much of your actual income is going to taxes? Have you taken a look? Whatever the number is, wouldn’t it be sweet if it were lower? That’s where Prometheus Private Advisory Group comes in. We incorporate tax-saving strategies into your plan so that you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

Taking care of your family is important to you; we hear that. While, of course, your family depends on you in all sorts of ways, one of the most important of these is money. We know it’s not fun to think about, but if you weren’t around, how would you make sure your family was taken care of? Whether it’s your spouse, your parents or your children, we understand how much their wellbeing means to you.

That’s why we’ll help you ensure that even in the worst-case scenario, you’re still able to do your part to protect your family.

If you were to pass away tomorrow, what would that mean for your family?

How would you like
to change the world?

Most of us want to leave some kind of impact on the world but the question is how? One of our clients has a passion for education, so we helped them create more funding for their alma mater. Another had a special place in her heart for a health-based charity, so we helped her, and the charity, save more lives.

What about you? How do you want to change the world? We ask questions and really listen to your answers in order to find out your passions and help you discover ways you can make a difference.

Are you protecting your most valuable asset: you?

What’s your most valuable financial asset? Maybe you’re thinking it’s your RRSP, your stock portfolio or even your house. The truth is, your most valuable financial asset is good old you. Yup, there is nothing that will generate as much return for you than you. That’s why protecting your ability to earn an income should be a top priority. All of those dreams and visions you have depend on making money.

Again, it’s not the most pleasant thing to think about, but what would happen if your income were to stop for some reason? We can help you make sure that no matter the circumstance, you stay on a steady, unwavering path towards crushing those financial goals.

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