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Charity Solutions

Most of us at Prometheus Private Advisory Group grew up right here in Vancouver.
That’s one reason we’re all about making our beloved Vancouver – and the world,
because why stop there? – a better place.

We designed our charitable planned giving program to do just that. We use our expertise and powerful financial tools to connect charities and donors and make an impact.

It’s a win for everyone involved!

For the charity

We want to help you help others! Our team empowers charities through financial knowledge and by providing tools and vehicles to build additional fundraising platforms. This magnifies your societal impact.

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We Work

We work in conjunction with gifts and current fundraising activities.

Our Legacy

Our legacy gifting program provides the opportunity to significantly enhance the size of the gift, as well as create a substantial financial endowment.

Our Program

Our program provides charities with a perpetual and predictable stream of stable income.

For the donor

How do you want to be remembered? What difference do you want to make? When we understand your goals, we can use insurance and tax-savings strategies to help you create legacy capital to benefit charities in a way that makes the most impact.

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You Can

You can be a major gift donor with a relatively small contribution.

We Can

We can create your own endowment, allowing you to continue giving even after you’re gone.

We Simplify

We simplify the process of gifting, saving time and fees. We also ensure the charity receives your gift in a timely and cost-efficient way after your passing.

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