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Charity Solutions

The advisors on our platform grew up right here in Vancouver, and are grateful to be so privileged. That’s one reason we’re all about making our beloved Vancouver, and the world (because why stop there?) a better place.

Your financial expert will design your charitable planned giving strategies to do just that. They will use their expertise and powerful financial tools to connect charities and donors like yourself to create a greater impact.

It’s a win for everyone involved!

If you're with a charity

The right advisor can help you help others! With the right expertise, your advisor empowers charities through financial knowledge and by providing tools and vehicles to build additional fundraising platforms. This magnifies your societal impact.

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We Work

We work in conjunction with your donation and gifting department to complement your current fundraising activities.

Your Legacy

The advisor will provide a legacy gifting strategy with the opportunity to significantly enhance the size of the gift, as well as create a substantial financial endowment, so your donors can continue to support the cause they know and love.

Your Strategy

The advisors will design strategies that provide charities with a perpetual and predictable stream of stable income, rather than relying on grants and donations every year. 

If you're the donor

What difference do you want to make? When your goals become clear, your advisor can use financial and tax-savings strategies to help you support charities in a more impactful way!

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You Can

You can be a major gift donor with a relatively small contribution. A planned giving advisor can show you options to help you donate smarter, not harder.

We Can

A planned giving advisor can increase your charitable tax credits by structuring effective donation strategies such as creating your own endowment, allowing you to continue giving even after you’re gone.

We Simplify

A planned giving advisor can simplify your process of gifting, saving time and fees. They also ensure the charity receives your gift in a timely and cost-efficient way after your passing.

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Individual Solutions

We develop strategies to help you grow your wealth, protect what matters and create your legacy. With us, you’re free to share all your money habits: tell us about your scotch collection, favorite fine dining experiences, or annual trips to Ibiza.

When we know what you want out of life, we can help you align your finances with purpose.

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Business Solutions

We specialize in working with incorporated business owners in BC with an expert focus on healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, medical doctors and dentists.

Let us help you take it to the next level by combining investment, insurance, and tax planning.

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