Financial health is serious, But we can still have fun

Think finance is just another boring part of “adulting”? Think again.At Prometheus Private Advisory Group, we use innovative strategies to help you crush your financial goals.

Insurance. It’s not an exciting word. Or is it?

That’s right. Our Vancouver insurance advisory firm helps clients keep their hard-earned money away from the taxman and, instead, use it to achieve their financial and estate planning goals.

And, we make it fun.

We know, you’re probably rolling your eyes but that’s just because you haven’t met our team yet. We’re laidback and approachable. While we take your financial health seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

At Prometheus Private Advisory Group, our clients get excited about insurance because we’re specialists in bringing together insurance and tax-saving strategies.

Solutions for every client

Individual Solutions

We develop strategies to help you grow your wealth, protect what matters and create your legacy. We never judge. So, tell us about your $5 a day coffee habit or expensive sneaker collection.

When we know about your financial life, we can create the best possible plan.

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Business Solutions

Our Vancouver financial planners specialize in working with incorporated business owners in BC with an expert focus on healthcare professionals, including medical doctors and dentists.

Let us help you take it to the next level by combining investment, insurance, and tax planning.

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Charity Solutions

You could say connecting charities and donors through our charitable planned giving program is kind of our thing. We have advisors with a special designation for philanthropy wealth planning, the MFA-P.

We’re all about using our knowledge and
insurance tools to make our beloved Vancouver – and the world – a better place.

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Our mission is to change the perception of insurance

Being the insurance connoisseurs we are, we help you use insurance
as an investment vehicle. Our team has your back with personalized solutions and strategies that will have you living your best life.

  • Want to spend your retirement lounging on a beach?
  • Dream of passing on wealth to your kiddos?
  • Interested in creating legacy capital to benefit charities?

It’s not just something you buy when you reach a certain age or a regular old cost of doing business.

We find solutions
in three easy steps

First Meeting

Meet and Greet

Second Meeting

Strategy Meeting

Third Meeting


Come hang out and learn something new at our events

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What our clients say

Montana B.

Google reviews

I have been working with Ken and Phil for over a year now, they are lifesavers. I was able to become smarter with my finances and set me up with investments into my future. I am so happy I started young investing in my life. Starting young has so many benefits not only is it cheaper to insure, but you will be less stressed later in life. Anyone considering speaking to a financial advisor, please reach out to Prometheus for any kind of assistance, just do it. It will be the greatest thing you can do!

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Jeff L.

Google reviews

I’ve really enjoyed working with Prometheus Advisory group. Ken and Erin have been nothing but wonderful and are willing to answer all my questions and provide helpful insight on how to financially plan my future. I feel at ease when working with them, knowing they are genuine people that are passionate about what they do. I highly highly recommend them!

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Ben B.

Google reviews

I have peace of mind for my finances now that I contacted Prometheus. The team who is working with me is Mary and Gwen who are extremely professional and very talented at what they do. During this pandemic I thought it would be hard to do everything online, but Mary and Gwen made it very easy and clear. Thank you so much.

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Kelvin Y.

Google reviews

The group of professionals at Prometheus has been nothing short of amazing. Jim, Denny and hunter have been great! They are attentive, adaptive and proactive in helping you find the best solutions for problems relating to insurance, financial and tax planning. Thanks to them, I'm much more confident in my future.

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Sarah O.

Google reviews

I’ve started working with Ken and Erin last year. Usually my mind shuts off when it comes to numbers & finances, but Ken was excellent in explaining and even hand illustrating key concepts for me so that I could understand them as a visual learner. I really appreciate their thoroughness and would recommend them to anyone.

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Sarah A.

Google reviews

Review #100 🤩 My experience with Ken and Erin has been very educational. What I had anticipated to be a very anxiety ridden process was much easier with a knowledgeable hand to hold throughout. When my situation was changing suddenly, they took the time to step back and readjust my plan to suit me better for now and for my future. I feel confident that I am now set up to remain financially secure after putting so much effort into getting myself to this point. Grateful to have this little peace of mind in a crazy world! Couldn’t have done it alone 🙏🏻

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