Financial health is serious, But we can still have fun

Think finance is just another boring part of “adulting”? Think again.At Prometheus Private Advisory Group, we use innovative strategies to help you crush your financial goals.

Want a refreshed experience to Financial Planning?

Being the financial planning connoisseurs we are, we help you use insurance as an investment vehicle. Our team has your back with personalized solutions and strategies that will have you living your best life.

  • Want to spend your retirement lounging on a beach?
  • Dream of passing on wealth to your kiddos?
  • Interested in creating legacy capital to benefit charities?

Our unique Tax Health Check Up Form will help you discover the gaps in your finances.

Solutions for every client

Individual Solutions

We develop strategies to help you grow your wealth, protect what matters and create your legacy. We never judge. So, tell us about your $5 a day coffee habit or expensive sneaker collection.

When we know about your financial life, we can create the best possible plan.

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Business Solutions

Our Vancouver financial planners specialize in working with incorporated business owners in BC with an expert focus on healthcare professionals, including medical doctors and dentists.

Let us help you take it to the next level by combining investment, insurance, and tax planning.

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Charity Solutions

You could say connecting charities and donors through our charitable planned giving program is kind of our thing. We have advisors with a special designation for philanthropy wealth planning, the MFA-P.

We’re all about using our knowledge and
insurance tools to make our beloved Vancouver – and the world – a better place.

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What our clients say

Sophie T.

Google reviews

Finances has always been something difficult to wrap my head around. Prometheus is able to break down the complex and explain it in simple terms that anyone can understand. They make financial planning accessible regardless of what your background knowledge is. They focus more on bringing education to people. Even though I am a small client, they make me feel valued :)

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Jessalynn T.

Google reviews

I love working with Gwen and her team! They focus on my current priorities and always take the time to explain the details to me so I understand my options. I also appreciate that they proactively look for ways to save me money or grow my investments. I have peace of mind knowing that my money is in good hands.

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Ivee K.

Google reviews

What I like about these guys is that they are genuine, No BS, honest, down-to-earth people. I was struggling financially during my last year of nursing school. Ben and Max worked hard to help me get the financial safety net which enabled me to graduate without having to worry about money. I continue to work with them even after I started working because I treasure the relationship we have built together. Because of them, I can actually plan and save for my future strategically. High recommended.

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Sarah A.

Google reviews

Review #100 🤩 My experience with Ken and Erin has been very educational. What I had anticipated to be a very anxiety ridden process was much easier with a knowledgeable hand to hold throughout. When my situation was changing suddenly, they took the time to step back and readjust my plan to suit me better for now and for my future. I feel confident that I am now set up to remain financially secure after putting so much effort into getting myself to this point. Grateful to have this little peace of mind in a crazy world! Couldn’t have done it alone 🙏🏻

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Vivian M.

Google reviews

I've been working with Phil for numerous years and have recently started working with Denny as well. The two together really painted an extremely thorough, clear and concise picture of my financial health. They walked me through every single step of my current financial situation in a professional, yet lighthearted way which made an often daunting experience very inviting and put my financial fears at ease. Their expert knowledge, attention to detail, and always client first mentality is hard to find elsewhere. Would highly recommend these two!

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Brian C.

Google reviews

I've really enjoyed working with both Phil & Danny at Prometheus. My goals in reaching out to prometheus were to gain knowledge of how to create and investment strategy that would set me up for early retirement, whilst also learning about the plan and process. Phil and Denny made the learning process easy and actually fun. Another thing that really impressed me was their ability to make me feel seen and heard as a human first. I was a little worried when I first reached out to Prometheus thinking I would be exposing myself to people who wouldn't connect with me and understand me. Totally not the case. In our first call Phil & Denny took the time to understand my lifestyle, my goals, my values, and then created a plan based off of that information. It's been a very enjoyable process and I feel a lot more confident about my financial future.

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